​Bono Awarded Inaugural George W. Bush Medal

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Apr 20, 2018

U2 frontman, questionable investor and hot take spewer Bono has been named as the very first recipient of the George W. Bush Medal for Distinguished Leadership.
The Irish singer was awarded the honour for his humanitarian work fighting poverty and diseases like HIV/AIDS during a ceremony at the George W. Bush Presidential Centre yesterday (April 19).
The medal is intended to become an annual award, given to an individual who creates change in the world.
Bono appeared in a video with the former U.S. president, praising his old pal for his efforts in the fight against HIV/AIDS — but also warned that the current U.S. administration was "talking about turning back."
Remember the good old days when Dubya was the worst U.S. president?
Watch Bono and Bush's conversation below.

On a side note, the U2 frontman also finally confirmed during the clip that the rest of his band are indeed rehearsing for their upcoming tour in Quebec.

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