Bono and the Edge Team Up with Martin Garrix for New Anthem "We Are the People"

Watch a video for the official 2020 UEFA European Football Championship song

BY Brock ThiessenPublished May 13, 2021

While we still don't have a new U2 album to consume in 2021, Bono and the Edge have emerged with a new song. It's called "We Are the People," and it's a collaboration with Martin Garrix.

The collab is the official 2020 UEFA European Football Championship song, and it's arrived via a video that's doing its damnedest to bring the good vibes. There are also some extremely typical sky-reaching moves by both Bono and the Edge.

In a statement, Garrix said the following of the team-up:

Creating the music for one of the biggest sports events in the world together with Bono and the Edge has been an incredible experience. I'm very proud of what we did together and excited to finally share it with the world!

Watch the video for "We Are the People" down below.

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