The Body

All The Waters Of The Earth Turn To Blood

BY Keith CarmanPublished Jul 25, 2010

New England-based oppressive doom metal behemoths the Body issue yet another esoteric feast of disparate elements slammed down over their traditional detuned drone, with amazing results. Featuring such interesting, and surprisingly fitting, aspects as transcendental chanting, Aphex Twin-ish digital tinkering and reverse vocal tracks, All The Waters Of The Earth Turn To Blood is equal parts confusing and stunning. Starting off with a five-minute female choral introduction before kicking into the band's primal, vibrating metal, All The Waters quickly establishes itself as an album that takes patience to fully appreciate; it isn't something one will throw on for a quick burst of energy. Still, once the atmosphere is set, the album's ensuing 40 minutes of sparse guitar melodies, offset by pounding, Bonham-ish drums, sloppy guitar strings, didgeridoo loops and overall noisescapes, ensure there is no lack of attention-grabbing art metal, what-the-fuck? shock value or general creativity within. This is best served with some form of mood altering intoxicant.
(At A Loss)

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