Bodega Bamz P.A.P.I.

Bodega Bamz P.A.P.I.
Bodega Bamz, a rapper from Spanish Harlem, just dropped his new album P.A.P.I., dedicated to his father and those who came to America for the "American Dream."
With his father on the cover of the album, it shows Bamz's pride in dad, an illegal immigrant who introduces the album for his son and to all "proud and powerful people" (or "individuals," hence P.A.P.I.). This followup to debut All Eyez on Me, P.A.P.I. demonstrates genuine love for his heritage.
When Bamz raps, "What does sellin' out really mean? If I'm providin' for my family, sellin' out is a dream, what struggle these motherfuckers really seen?" it is self-explanatory. Bamz isn't one to care about what others think of him, and his tough upbringings are clearer by the third track "Feugo," trapping and living in the hood, which shaped him significantly. His Spanish blood and his father being an immigrant, he compares selling drugs in the hood to becoming famous, which is strongly demonstrated as well, telling stories from throughout his life.
From a generation full of needing validation on social media, the Spanish Harlem rapper tells you that he does what he wants, what he likes and is stacking up his money. All at the same time, he's providing for himself and loved ones, while outgrowing his past and evolving, not only as a human being, but as an artist. He also pays homage to a huge inspiration of his, hip-hop legend Fat Joe, with hard-hitting raps throughout most of the album.
Overall, the album is an inspiration for those who are illegally or even legally living in any country who are trying to make a better life for themselves, all while showing a perspective to those who may not have understood his point of view, until now. (Duck Down)