Bobby Conn Llovessonngs

The reluctant Antichrist, Bobby Conn presents his latest offering as a self-produced four-song EP including a couple of expectedly peculiar cover version. Changing the theme to love after his previous dissertation on destruction, Conn continues to build curious continuity between styles and eras. Harry Nilsson’s soft pop ballad “Whithout You” becomes an achingly slow requiem under Conn’s anguished delivery. It’ll tear your heart right out. Caetano Veloso’s “Maria Behania,” on the other hand, takes the Latin disco lounge route complete with falsetto vocals and Monica BouBou’s exquisite string arrangement. On “Free Love” we get Conn’s trademark overwrought vocals filled out by a jazzy horn section while the second original features guest vocalist/rapper Virgina for a grandiose French seduction number called “Virginia.” Its ’70s touch of funky bass and Moog ultimately evolves into a rap-metal number. Although tempting in conception, the EP lacks the textural panache of last year’s glam rock Rise Up album, but luckily Jim O’Rourke will be back producing the next full-length effort due out in the Spring. (Thrill Jockey)