Bobby Conn Gets Weirder With New Videos, Tours West

Bobby Conn Gets Weirder With New Videos, Tours West
Eccentric prog rocker Bobby Conn has gone and furthered his bizarre artistic indulgences yet again with a series of online videos designed as companion pieces to his latest album, King For A Day.

As anyone familiar with the pint-sized Conn can imagine, the videos are indeed interesting - to say the least. His label Thrill Jockey have enticed viewers with the following statement:

"Does faith require spectacle? Is self-promotion the primary goal of American society? Bobby Conn knows the answer is YES, loud and clear. He is a student of the motivational speaker and the self-help guru and values confidence and authority above truth and knowledge. He loves a winner, but blames himself for his own lack of success. He is deluded and lost in the fantasy of his own ego, yet the pathos of his delusion arouses sympathy and is the key to his appeal. He is a walking metaphor for American culture."

Erm... okay. Try and make sense of them yourself by checking them out here.

In other news, Conn will embark on a full-scale West coast tour throughout May, including Saturday, May 19 in Vancouver at the Media Club, and a two-night residency on June 15 and 16 in Chicago at the Hideout to celebrate "the 40th Annual Bobby Conn Birthday Weekend."