Bobb Trimble's Lost 1983 Album Gets Proper Release

Bobb Trimble's Lost 1983 Album Gets Proper Release
Following the rediscovery of his albums Iron Curtain Innocence and Harvest of Dreams, there's no denying that '80s singer-songwriter Bobb Trimble is finally getting some long overdue credit for his folk-infused pop songs. With that in mind, we're excited to announce that his long-lost 1983 album The Crippled Dog Band will be getting a proper release this month.

The story behind The Crippled Dog Band is so bizarre that we'll just let a press release tell this wild tale:

Never one to worry much about appearances, Bobb accepted an invitation to join a group of teenage boys who called themselves the Crippled Dog Band, named after Boopsie, a three-legged canine local. Bobb donned the title of Chief Crippled Dog and led the Band on enthusiastically received gigs throughout the region. Unbeknownst to almost anyone, they completed a raucous album full of addictive hooks, feedback, teen chatter and video game noises. But soon the Band splintered and Bobb decided to forget about the whole thing, disposing of the entire 500-count LP pressing in an office park dumpster.

The Crippled Dog Band will be available on CD, vinyl, cassette and as a digital download via Yoga Records later in July. Keep an eye on the label's blog for more info as it becomes available.

Thanks to Altered Zones for the tip.

The Crippled Dog Band:

1. "Intro"

2. "All Together Now"

3. "Live Wire"

4. "Galilean Boy"

5. "Fight Or Fall / Screw It"

6. "Camel Song"

7. "Undercovers Man"

8. "Armour Of The Shroud"

9. "Poker Game Of Life"

10. "You Should See My Girl"

11. "Angel Eyes"

12. "Outro"