Bobb Trimble Harvest of Dreams

Albums are rarely as trembling with vulnerability and aching with beauty as this long lost effort from 1982 by Massachusetts’ Bobb Trimble. Utterly out of touch with anything fashionable in the early ’80s, Trimble began as a Beatles worshipper on Iron Curtain Innocence, but by the time of this sophomore album, the high-pitched voiced singer-songwriter was cascading down his own dream-like river of lo-fi bliss. Tender, wistful, lovelorn and passionate, Trimble would have fit right in with folks like the Hidden Cameras, Xiu Xiu, and Antony & the Johnsons, whether he’s actually homosexual or not, just for his upfront and intimate approach to performing his somewhat mystical and psychedelic music (dig that unicorn in the cover photo!). High on concepts, Harvest of Dreams is divided into two sidelong "dimensions” — "Trust” and "Harmony” — and the beautiful songs that open and close the first dimension, "Premonitions – The Fantasy” and "Premonitions Boy – The Reality,” are almost identical, only with different lyrics. Trimble’s warbling, aching vocal approach might not be to most people’s fancy, but Harvest of Dreams is a hidden gem worthy of astronomical cult status. (Radioactive)