Bob Nastanovich Sheds More Light on Silver Jews Reunion

BY Alex HudsonPublished Feb 12, 2015

The will-they-won't-they saga surrounding a possible Silver Jews reunion continues. First, drummer Bob Nastanovich posted a photo of the band members hanging out and revealed that the long-absent group were working on new songs. Then, however, leader David Berman was quoted as saying that the whole thing was a prank. In the latest chapter in this confusing drama, Nastanovich has once again said that a reunion is in the works.

According to a blurb on Nastanovich's personal Facebook page, this isn't yet a proper "recreation" and that shows are unlikely. According to Nastanovich, however, Berman has written some new songs and a recording session may well be on the cards.

He wrote:

Although Silver Jews are still a ways away from recreation, David has written songs and is contemplating the next step. I'd expect a recording session is more likely than live performance. Basically, as is the case with modern day Antarctica, the ice has been broken.

We can't guarantee that the veteran indie rock band, who split in 2009, won't pull another about-turn, and we don't really know who to believe at this point.

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