Bob Log III Log Bomb

This one-man-band is this generation's answer to the wild twang 'n spazz attack of Hasil Adkins, with Bob Log III playing slide guitar while rocking kick and cymbal with his only two other free appendages, his feet. This album is a pretty hi-fi affair for such a lo-tech guy but he does have a few albums under his belt now, so what the heck. The overall sound is not unlike some Blues Explosion stuff or even G Love and Special Sauce ("Cold Beverages"), especially the album's opener, "Log Bomb" which is a downright danceable little jam. As for the album's theme, let's just say Bob's gone from being that weird helmet-wearing freak to a straight up sex-freak with tracks like "Wigglin' Room," "Bubble Strut" and "Drunk Stripper" leading the pack. The centrepiece of the album, "Boob Scotch," which is also depicted photographically in the sleeve artwork, introduces the new craze of "a drink mixed by a tit!" If that song doesn't provide some real "water cooler" moments live, then I don't know what will. The other great thing about this record is that you can actually make out his lyrics, which is impossible live. (Fat Possum)