Bob Dylan Visits Neil Young's Home During Winnipeg Stop

Bob Dylan Visits Neil Young's Home During Winnipeg Stop
Prior to a Winnipeg concert on November 2, folk rock legend Bob Dylan was spotted hanging out at Neil Young’s childhood home, CBC News reports. John Kiernan, the man who owns the house, was surprised to find Dylan and his tour manager talking to his wife on the front lawn, he told the CBC.

"I'm looking around, and I realize, this guy having a tuque on has really great boots on, these sort of cowboy, motorcycle boots," said Kiernan. "And he was wearing really nice leather pants. And I realize I'm staring face-to-face with Bob Dylan.”

Dylan toured the house, finding Young’s childhood bedroom and looking out his window to gain perspective on his upbringing. "OK, so this was his view, and this was where he listened to his music," recalls Tiernan. "It suddenly dawned on me, when you're looking at Bob Dylan standing in a hallway, that he had a very parallel experience 200 miles to the south, sitting in his room, listening to his music, looking out his window.”

Dylan grew up Hibbing, MN, about 500 km from Winnipeg, so he saw it as a parallel experience.

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