Boards of Canada Twoism

Chances are you don't own the original release of this vinyl-only Boards of Canada record. The Twoism EP was released before the epic Music Has the Right to Children in an insanely small run on the duo's own Music70 label, which is now selling for obscene amounts between collectors. Thankfully, it's now being re-released through Warp and rightly so, for it contains some of the most beautiful rhythms the pair has ever given life to. Within the first few seconds of opening cut "Sixtyniner," memories of when you first heard Music Has the Right to Children come flooding back, with its minimal slow-paced beat and sloppy organ. Tracks like this, with hypnotising sound manipulation and gorgeous melodies, crop up more times than not on the eight track EP. However, Twoism doesn't quite seem like a proper release and the tracks are very basic in their structure. It has a slight cut and paste feel to it that leaves an unfinished work-in-progress feeling to the overall record, but the individual tracks are stellar and are simply a must-have for Boards of Canada fans that are interested to hear where Scotland's finest DJs started out. (Warp)