Bluetech Prima Materia

Originating as a bedroom producer who founded the San Diego arts collective Native State, Bluetech’s debut CD Prima Materia emerges from his custom-built Reaktor instruments and software based synthesisers as a primordial electro-dub lullaby. A classically trained pianist put behind a bevy of software production tools, together Bluetech’s love of the melodic and keen sense of sound design makes Prima Materia a polished musical diamond. Melding psychedelic and new age soundscapes into a sensual auditory matrix, from the easy listening sci-soaked ambient "Triangle” to the robotic synth-couched rhythms of "Rubicon” and spacey dub mix "Prayers for Rain” each track is beautifully crafted and unhurried. They unfold into textured layers of swelling digital bass lines, melodic synth and psy-tech reverberations that take their cue from Sphongle as much as Bluetech's classical piano background. The opening track "Leaving Babylon,” which sets the sci-fi soaked tone, is one of the best as is the exotic guitar and flute laced "7th Phase Dub.” And yes, that is Evan Bluetech playing the piano in the beautifully sombre, warmly reverberating piano close "Cliffdiving.” (Waveform)