Bluetech Love Songs To The Source

Moving from laptop to live band, Bluetech's Love Songs To The Source expands the maestro of digital downtempo's sound into more organic and dub-centric realms. Written with the intent of live performance with his band Satori Social, Love Songs To The Source is the most richly layered Bluetech release yet. Featuring vocals from Dr. Israel, pulling in the roots reggae for "Dread Inna Babylon," and Katrina Blackstone, soulfully cresting horns and dub rhythms in "Change" and "Lay Your Sorrows Down," these tracks refresh predictable rootsy flavours with Bluetech's psybient sensibilities. Surfacing from the electronica/live band crossover in collaborations with KiloWatts in the juicy downtempo meets dance floor of "Polychrome Petroglyph" and with Lynx and Jamie Janover in the yawn-full electro ballad "To Mend," it's the pure Bluetech instrumentals, soaked with his signatory crystalline and deeply digital sound (often imitated but never duplicated) that are by far the best. (Interchill)