Blue Öyster Cult A Long Day's Night

Taking a band like Blue Öyster Cult seriously this far into their career is a tough thing to do, especially when the band is often listed playing rib fests and cook offs across North America. However, the band has actually been on an upswing as of late. 2001's The Curse Of The Hidden Mirror is the best thing they've done in 20 years, and this live album, in commemoration of their 30th anniversary, is actually pretty decent also. Recorded in Chicago this past summer, the 13-song collection covers material from their self-titled debut right up until last year's The Curse... and finds the band in fine shape. While they are not quite as heavy as on their finest live recording, 1975's On Your Knees, the band does an admiral job on the classics, such as "Stairway To The Stars," "Godzilla" and "Don't Fear The Reaper." The show was also filmed and released on DVD with five bonus tracks; I'd recommend that over the album, if you have the capability to check it out. (Sanctuary)