Blue Eyed Boy Mister Death Blue Eyed Boy Mister Death

The first striking 26 seconds are an appropriate introduction to this ruthless and melodiously sinister record. BEBMD harness Reversal of Man’s insanity, Envy’s colossal sound and the pandemic East coast writing styles of defunct megaliths Orchid. It all begins with a blackened melody sustained by remote yet heavy guitars and a taunting spoken vocal. From there it proceeds into leisurely gut-wrenching suicide riffs, maintaining a level of sincerity and emotion that when played live could inspire anyone to lose themselves in dance. They use many easy listening tricks, incorporating enough repetition in the songs to create coherence amidst the lunacy. The drumming is particularly precise and incredibly creative, hitting the beats that give a timely emphasis to the discordant atmosphere. They often slow the tempo to jam a textured clean picked riff and coalesce into a forceful sludge. The Bannon vocal is accented with a second, deeper bark throughout the record. There are hints of early, more punk-oriented hardcore as well as a dash of classic rock. This is a very well rounded record from a talented band that has myriad potential ahead of them. (Bent Rail Foundation)