Blinding Light Glass Bullet

Deathwish Inc's newest signings, the Blinding Light, are a tech/ metal/ hardcore/ doom hybrid featuring ex-Threadbare vocalist Brian Lovro. Threadbare were an amazingly talented metal-influenced hardcore band, and though they got off to a quick start by releasing two records in 1995, they broke up in the same year. After the demise of Threadbare, Lovro moved back to South Dakota and, after enjoying a short retirement from music, joined the Blinding Light. The five songs on Glass Bullet are heavy metal songs, featuring a guitar tone that brings the work of the Amott brothers and Carcass' legendary Heartwork album to mind, but with a groove similar to Pantera's last offering, Reinventing The Steel, and a slightly stoner-metal feel not unlike Iron Monkey. This is the sort of record that appeals to a wide variety of metal/hardcore fans, and the songs featured here show a great deal of promise for a band that may become a new force in the scene. With plans already made for a new full-length record to be released on Deathwish later this year, the Blinding Light is off to a great start. (Deathwish Inc.)