Blinded By Faith Veiled Hideousness

In 2003 Blinded by Faith’s Under an Occult Sun emerged from the clamour of Quebec’s metal scene, a vehement statement in Canadian symphonic black metal. Veiled Hideousness proves that several years before their label debut the band were already a compelling dark metal force. Galy’s new reissue of Blinded by Faith’s demo album features all seven original tracks with overhauled and expanded packaging, as well as two live performances of newer songs as an added bonus and contrast. Unsurprisingly, Veiled Hideousness fuses savagery, atmosphere and melody into a taut web of menace and seduction, evoking mental images well suited to titles like "Reptilian Shudders” and "A Slumber in Cobwebs.” The resulting alloy is ambitious and often raw but biting in its lack of overproduction and polish. While the album offers some insight into Blinded by Faith’s creative path and history, it’s also a coherent and vital work that stands on its own. (Galy)