Blind Justice No Matter the Cost

Blind Justice No Matter the Cost
Blind Justice are named after an Agnostic Front track from 1984, which may instil a certain degree of expectation for older hardcore listeners initially hearing of the band. Lest we forget, they are also from New Jersey, which has spawned the likes of Floorpunch and Turning Point, among others. Rest assured though, the group stick true to a forthright punk-leaning hardcore formula.
The New Jersey quintet made waves with their infectious 2015 debut full-length Undertow, which took them off the Jersey Shore and onto tours with Terror and Code Orange. After that record's promotional cycle ceased, drummer Matt Guyre focused on touring with metalcore act Old Wounds, while vocalist Mike Botti took to guitar duties for Krust and Regulate. Fortunately their musicianship is not distracted and continues to develop with grace.
Hardcore is as hardcore does; No Matter the Cost plays through with an unwavering consistency. The crux of the album, "Not for You," "Burn You Down" and first single "Never Enough," showcase some of Blind Justice's grooviest guitar work and most cohesive songwriting. It is as gritty as it is catchy, with primitive energy that recalls the unassuming, but crushingly fun works of Cold World and Down To Nothing.
At their worst if you can even call it that Blind Justice still write great hardcore ("Think I Care") but are repressed with sequencing their song structure in "Closed Off."
In the face of transitory hardcore vogue, Blind Justice continue to refine old-school allure. The lyrics to the title track serve as an unadorned motto; "Never back down, no matter the cost." (Flatspot Records)