Blimp Rock Claim Blue Jays Owe Them $700,000 for #ComeTogether Slogan

BY Alex HudsonPublished Oct 15, 2015

Yesterday (October 14) was a truly unforgettable day for Toronto Blue Jays fans, as the baseball team completed its staggering come-from-behind Division Series victory against the Texas Rangers thanks to a mammoth three-run home run from Jose Bautista and his epic bat-flip. Now, Toronto band Blimp Rock are rather amusingly claiming credit for the victory, saying that they invented the Jays' playoff slogan #ComeTogether.

The basis for this claim in their song "Oh, Baseball," which they recorded in 2012. It features a refrain of "And the people, they come together." The song is a nostalgic folk ditty about Toronto's 1993 World Series win, and Blimp Rock say that they deserve $700,000 for supposedly coming up with #ComeTogether (never mind the Beatles).

Why are they asking for exactly $700,000? Well, Blimp Rock have been involved in a tongue-in-cheek campaign to raise that amount to stage a music festival on a blimp floating over Lake Ontario.

Read Blimp Rock's full, comical Blue Jays post below, along with their tweets on their supposed legal claim against the Jays. The song can be heard at the bottom of the page.

Being a venture capital band, it is important that we make every effort to cash-in on the #BlueJays hype.

You see, not to inflate our own airship, but not only did we predict the Blue Jays success in more ways than one, we invented their slogan.

In our song "Oh, Baseball", written and recorded in 2012, a few lines make this blimpantly clear:

1. "That doesn't mean there won't be another Joe" – clearly a reference to Joey Bats Jose Bautista being the new Joe Carter.

2. "Oh, baseball" – Definitely what everyone was thinking after that 7th inning last night.

3. "And the people they #ComeTogether" Yes, the chorus of our song (recorded in 2012!) has now become the Toronto Blue Jays slogan. All we ask is a modest $700 000 worth of royalties. Please make the cheque out to Blimp Rock Enterprises.

And of course, let's go Blue Jays.

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