Blimp Rock "Long Johns" (video)

Blimp Rock 'Long Johns' (video)
Blimp Rock made a name for themselves with their lofty ambitions to host the world's first blimp-based music festival over Lake Ontario. And while they're still quite a ways off from reaching that goal (sitting at a -$2,388 of the estimated $700,000 cost), they've nevertheless managed to pull off a brand new holiday video.
The band have shared a seasonally appropriate tune called "Long Johns," and the accompanying visuals prove just how much they appreciate the toasty extra layer.
"Long johns might be the closest thing I have to a religion. I am so passionate about them it borders on cultish," singer Peter Demakos said in a statement. "When I'm groggy and trying to wake up in the morning I think about two things: 1) a blimp concert in the sky and 2) putting on long johns. I start wearing long johns in late August. I was born naked and remained that way (figuratively) until I discovered long johns."
Let Blimp Rock warm your legs and your heart with their ode to "Long Johns" in the player below.