Blimp Rock "Let's All Stay in Tonight" (video)

Blimp Rock 'Let's All Stay in Tonight' (video)
Toronto's Blimp Rock are ready to follow up their self-titled debut with Sophomore Slump, but before the (hopefully) tongue-in-cheek-titled record arrives, Exclaim! has got the video premiere of latest single "Let's All Stay in Tonight."
According to a statement from the band, the tune "is not so much a rejection of the nightlife, but an endorsement of the indoors. It is a 'call to couch' for those of us who enjoy cheese plates, early evenings and small groups of people."
It's a pretty easy sentiment to get behind and gets playfully acted out in the new clip. Booze gets swapped in favour of tea (in flavours like Earl's Night Out, Chamopolitan and Broo-Long), and as the lyrics go: "There's no waiting in line, and the cover is a blanket."
As they sip their tea, play board games and nonchalantly strum guitars on the couch, the group fully embrace the wonders of a nice night at home. Grab a snuggie, pull up a seat on the sofa and take comfort in the fact that you are no longer alone in sending texts to junk food.
Sophomore Slump is out on April 7, with the band's founding goal of raising $700,000 to host a music festival in a blimp above Lake Ontario continuing for the foreseeable future. Watch the clip for "Let's All Stay in Tonight" below.