Bleum Flourish Festival, Fredericton NB, April 25

Bleum Flourish Festival, Fredericton NB, April 25
Photo: Kyle Forbes
After filling the room with smoke, locals Bleum seemed to burst from Shiftwork Studio with their set of pulsing, swelling pop music that's rife with both tension and release. Seconds in, it was clear the band are breaking new ground in a Fredericton musical community that, while quite varied, has never boasted anything near to this Purity Ring-esque synth-pop.
The acerbic vocals of Brittany McQuinn, aided by doubled and heavily affected programmed tracks, filled the small studio space. "I can be the one you're looking for," she sang, barely visible behind the smoke that was starting to disperse. "Did you ever think that we'd find love again?"
The pair of McQuinn and collaborator Daniel James overcame being down one member and more than a few technical glitches to deliver a short, energetic set to an enthusiastic Flourish Festival audience. A little over a year since launching a series of electro-pop singles with "Lose You," you'd never guess this was a relatively new band.