Blaq Poet Blaq Poet Society

Bursting at the seams with serial killer synths and funeral parlour bass, served up by underground producers Stu Bangas and Vanderslice, Queensbride rep Blaq Poet's latest effort, Blaq Poet Society, is one hell of a tough listen. This is the epitome of hardcore rap; it's menacing, intimidating and bruising. Littered with threats and gun violence, as well as graphic descriptions of murders, maiming and dismemberments, this isn't for the faint of heart. The former Screwball member receives help from accomplices such as R.A the Rugged Man ("Butcher Shop") and Reef the Lost Cause ("New Aged Villain"), adding even more edge to this ear-shattering album. While the disturbing subject matter may be too much for some and the beats tend to become monotonous, making the listener beg for a break in the onslaught, there's no doubt that one listen to this disc will leave you punch-drunk and two spins will get you toe-tagged. (Brick)