Blanck Mass "Detritus"

Blanck Mass 'Detritus'
As Blanck Mass prepares to release his Dumb Flesh album, the musician also known as Fuck Buttons member Benjamin John Power has rolled out an epic new cut entitled "Detritus."

Clocking in at eight minutes, this is the album closer (not including the vinyl exclusive "Life Science"). It begins with harshly chaotic abstractions that gradually morph into something slightly less harsh after about three minutes. A beat then enters and the arrangement lifts skyward towards a soaring electro crescendo. This eventually culminates in a short twinkling outro.

Power said in a statement, "All of the tracks on Dumb Flesh took huge departures from their initial state during the production process. 'Detritus' perhaps saw the largest change of them all. Starting it's life at almost double the speed and with a distinctively different overall feel, for me, it acts as the perfect closer. I knew that I wanted Rob Aiki Aubrey Lowe (OM, Lichens, 90 Day Men) to contribute vocals on this from early on and his voice in the closing section of the track is both haunting and strangely warming."

Hear the song below. Dumb Flesh arrives on May 12 through Sacred Bones.