The Blameshifter/Various Someplace: The Remixes

A remix project of "Someplace" by the Blameshifter as interpreted by the likes of Polmo Polpo, Tinkertoy, Andrew Duke and Aidan Baker. Also included in this project is a remix and an original edit by the Blameshifter himself. Someplace consists of a wide palette of styles ranging from IDM to ambient to abstract noises. The tone on Someplace is quite dark and sinister, one gets a range of impressions from these tracks including paranoia, disorientation and chemically induced altered states of mind. The music on this recording could make quite the soundtrack for a disturbing horror film. The majority of these tracks have dialogue samples where people talk about madness, institutionalisation and committing dark acts, a theme that runs throughout the entire album. Whether it be the disorientingly sample-happy "One Apart" version by Enemy Fighters or the rant and beat ridden "No Place" by OHVOV or the hazy, disembodied murmurings in Aidan Baker's "Someplace Else," the effect is unsettling. Perhaps eeriest of all is Polmo Polpo's "Medicated Waltz" which simulates the effects of psychotropic drugs by utilising and manipulating the soundtrack from the dosage sequence in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Yet the most comprehensive and least abstract tracks on Someplace is the Blameshifter's IDM pieces which have something of a diabolical quality to it. An unsettling listen, but in a good way. (Fame Fame)