Black Widows Stops a Beating Heart

With the dissolution of one of the underground's most innovate sonic terrorists, the sorely missed National Acrobat, and the recent implosion of Botch, the void for innovative and eclectic aggressive music has never been more gaping. However, instead of taking the safe road and forming the Acrobat Mark II, Acrobat guitarists Evan and Ryan Patterson, along with former By The Grace of God/Endpoint screamer Rob Pennington and drummer Thommy Browne, have thrown themselves into the breach by going back to their roots. "Widows are going for a completely different agenda," states Ryan. "The Acrobat existed to push boundaries and buttons, but my roots are from the more socially and spiritually responsible DC hardcore scene. We just wanted to create something that invites the audience to become a part of what we're doing - let the underdogs know that we feel ugly and angry, just like they do." However while the song hasn't remained the same, the desire to innovate has. And while the influence of the early '80s hardcore punk by way of DC is undeniable, and excellently done, the unorthodox guitar lines and clamour of the Acrobat are woven throughout, creating a arresting conflict of old and new. "We have the same influences, we just decided to let them manifest in a somewhat different way," comments Ryan." I think the obvious Swiz and Drive Like Jehu influences are in Acrobat and Widows; it's not an intentional mind-fuck [like the Acrobat], but hopefully we aren't playing the same type of hardcore that's been played for 20 years." And while the Acrobat's well-deserved reputation as shit-disturbers may initially stain the Black Widows - they were after all, once known as Louisville's most hated band - Ryan wants everyone to know that's he's softer, cuddlier and, well, angrier? "I think the intentions of the band are more user-friendly," comments Ryan, "and I'd love to believe that we are a band that people can identify with and feel a part of. I'm angrier now, but I realised that people in the punk/hardcore community are our compatriots and it's the bullshit in the outside world we should rally against. (Initial)