Black September

Into the Darkness Into the Void

BY Kiel HumePublished Sep 27, 2012

Black September are back with their blackest release yet. Into the Darkness Into the Void sees the band embracing black metal more than they've done in the past. Combine this with their usual rolling riffs and Jen McMorrow's supernatural ability to project the bowels of hell through her vocal cords, and the new album is their best yet. Since 2006, Black September have released a handful of EPs and splits, culminating in their first full-length effort in 2010. As a group, Into the Darkness Into the Void comes from a period of calm, as Black September held a steady line-up while recording the album. The results are clear on the new LP: with a tighter sound than in the past, their expanded exploration of other metal genres gives them depth and gravity beyond their previous efforts. With a steady series of tracks underpinned by tremolos and thrashy riffing, the new album is a welcome and inspired entry from one of Chicago's darkest heavy bands.

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