Black Sabbath Announce 'Gathered in Their Masses' Concert Film

Black Sabbath Announce 'Gathered in Their Masses' Concert Film
It's Friday the 13th, and gloomy metal forefathers Black Sabbath are using the ominous calendar day to announce a new live DVD release titled Gathered in Their Masses.

Black Sabbath let the news fly via a quick DVD trailer that gathers clips filmed during the band's current reunion tour in support of their 13. Whether or not we'll actually see fans gathered just like witches in black masses remains to be seen, but we do see the group running through their classic "War Pigs." At one point, Ozzy Osbourne announces, "I wanna see you fucking jumping" before doing a hair-wobbling hop of his own, and he also hucks a bucket of water onto the devoted.

You can see the rest of the band do their thing in the clip down below.

Presumably, the concert film will highlight many phases from the band's career, from their theme song up to new numbers like 13's "God Is Dead," though tracklisting info has not yet been made available. Likewise, it's unclear if the film is devoted to one particular performance, or if it's compiled from a number of tour dates.

Black Sabbath are currently on a bit of a break, but their world tour resumes in October down in South America, and they'll close out the year with dates in the UK. You can see the tour schedule here, and read a review of the group's Toronto performance this summer over here.