Black Lips Tour Blog + Exclusive Song

Black Lips Tour Blog + Exclusive Song
This week on, we have Atlanta, GA's sons of shit-disturbing, the Black Lips, writing a tour diary exclusively for little old us. Documenting the thrills, spills and chills of their time on tour in Canada, the boys will begin with their first stop in Montreal today and then move on to their two-day tour of duty in Toronto, which will appear in two parts this Wednesday and Friday. The band will return to the Great White North on October 11, for a date in Vancouver, where the blog will pick up again the next day for one final entry. Click here here to begin with Saturday's festivities in Montreal.

Stay tuned throughout the week (don't forget to return on October 12) and enjoy the madness of being in the Black Lips.

To add emphasis to the Black Lips tour diary, the band have donated an exclusive track that cannot be found anywhere else. Originally taken from the band's recent album, Good Bad Not Evil, this performance was recorded live at the Hollywood branch of mega store Amoeba Records, and demonstrates the band's electric live presence. Eschewing the heart-warming sentiment most tributes concern themselves with in addressing the flood of terror brought on by Hurricane Katrina assumed, the Lips address the natural disaster like a dishonourable woman. The pained line of "Oh Katrina, why you gotta be so mean/You broke my heart down in New Orleans" feels oddly poignant, despite being delivered in a sweaty, drunken slur. Enjoy.

Click here to download "O Katrina! (Live at Amoeba Records Hollywood)."

Also, don't miss the band's appearance on MTV Live tonight at 6:00 p.m. ET.

And! If you're still looking for more Black Lips hysteria, check out their surreal rockin' road trip to Israel caught on film by VBS.TV. Click here to see the first of five episodes.