Black Devil Disco Club

Black Moon, White Sun

BY Daniel SylvesterPublished Oct 29, 2013

Releasing the obscure Disco Club EP in 1978, Bernard Fevre has been retroactively regarded as an electronic music pioneer — after Aphex Twin and Luke Vibert reissued the album in 2004. Since then, this devil-masked Parisian has put out a slew of new recordings, including 2011's Circus, which found Fevre collaborating with peers and admirers like Afrika Bambaataa, Jon Spencer, Nancy Sinatra and YACHT. With fifth full-length Black Moon, White Sun, Fevre comes off just as fascinatingly archaic, playful and sinister as his did 35 years ago. While tracks like the haunted "Bee Boop" and the rubbery "Star Dot Com" utilize the Moroder-esque, night drive rhythms, and "Maymallow" and "The Kid in Mee" work off of indistinguishable melodic moans and yelps, much of the album finds itself functioning within the same insular soundscape. The fact that a 60-something musician can keep releasing relevant music is a feat unto itself, but Black Moon, White Sun may be the first album to make Black Devil Disco Club sound merely mortal.

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