Black Devil Disco Club's Bernard Fèvre Revisits the '70s with New Reissues

BY Alex HudsonPublished Mar 4, 2015

Thanks to a reissue from Aphex Twin and his Rephlex label, disco vet Black Devil Disco Club has enjoyed a resurgence in the past decade. But while the French musician also known as Bernard Fèvre has released plenty of new music in recent years, he's now digging back into his past for some reissues on Anthology Recordings/Lo Recordings/Sound Obsession/Alter-K. They will be out May 12.

As FACT reports, the campaign consists of three albums, all made in the '70s. This includes Black Devil's 1978 effort Disco Club, which is the aforementioned work previously reissued on Rephlex in 2004. While that prior reissue featured an abridged tracklist, this latest version contains all six songs in the original running order. It's the first time since 1978 that the full collection has been pressed on vinyl.

The other two reissues are a pair of library LPs: Suspense from 1975 and Cosmos 2043 from 1977. These were made constructively in 1975, with Fèvre performing, recording and producing everything himself.

The new pressings have been remastered by the artist himself using the original analogue tapes. He wrote in an announcement:

I wanted to remaster my old tracks myself because I didn't want to have a modern filter that would take away the charm of my old work, and new details would even appear in my work. In the end, the 1970s need to be heard: it's important for the magic of listening. Listeners will have the exact sound of the studio that I was using at the time, hardly utilized by me for the original Revox tapes.

See the tracklists below. The album are available to pre-order from Anthology's website on vinyl, CD or digital download. You can also head to the site to hear samples of each release.


A1. Weekee Way
A2. On the Channel
A3. Skeeze
A4. Magnetic Spool
A5. Mister Green
A6. What Happens
B1. Double Dream
B2. Rocal System
B3. Too Much Water
B4. Contemplation of the Mountains
B5. Path of Tomorrow

Cosmos 2043:

A1. Space Team
A2. N' 59018
A3. Central Way
A4. Satellite 33
A5. Ronde Interstellaire
A6. Cimes Eternelles
A7. Le Monde Avait 5 Ans
B1. Moon Heart
B2. Sunshine on March
B3. Stars Away
B4. Earth Message
B5. 2043
B6. Odyssee

Disco Club:

A1. "H" Friend
A2. Timing, Forget the Timing
A3. One to Choose
B1. We Never Fly Away Again
B2. Follow Me (Instrumental)
B3. No Regrets

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