Black Cobra Feather and Stone

Culled from Black Cobra’s split with Eternal Elysium (formerly available as a Japanese import), the enhanced Feather and Stone tacks on an extra track plus live footage. This short EP shows the duo of guitarist Jason Landrian and power drummer Rafael Martinez raising the bar yet again with their Big Business-on-speed pummelcore, which has now reached critical mass. "Five Daggers” and "The Sapphire Falcon” strike black gold early on with go-for-the-throat High on Fire assaults, while "Below the Cusp” (and later "Ascension”) attracts a specific Goatsnake-like gravity. "Thanos” is a quiet, drum-less instrumental somewhere between Om and acid-dropping Pink Floyd, but "Red Tide” shocks the senses like Torche and the gnarliest Ministry duking it out for metallic domination. The new track, "Dragon and Phoenix,” has two interludes so aurally clear that one can hear Landrian’s strings buzzing on the frets, and "Swords for Teeth” combines the purest elements of the duo’s former bands: -16- and Cavity. Add to this three live videos from the Roadburn Festival and Feather and Stone brandishes a filthy opulence that only Black Cobra can muster. (At A Loss)