Black Breath

"Slaves Beyond Death"

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Aug 20, 2015

Seattle death metal brutalists Black Breath have unveiled the first proper preview from their forthcoming Slaves Beyond Death, and, jesus, is it evil. The title track comes bathed in bile and eternal hellfire, and it can be streamed online right now.

The track trudges along with an off-kilter stomp, here supported with trilled-out guitar lines and trampled-trachea growls suggesting all is not well. Damnation is in the cards, with Neil McAdams choking out the following cheerful vision of things to come: "on your knees you wait to die/never to be free."

Powerless though we may be, the crusher might just get us through another pointless couple of minutes on earth. You can stream the song below, courtesy of Noisey.

Slaves Beyond Death sees release September 25 via Southern Lord.

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