Bitchy Black Socks and Happiness

Comprised primarily of members of Chicago’s Blue Meanies, Bitchy is essentially a hardcore-punk side project. The songs are generally short and fast with screamed vocals and “classic” ’80s punk drumming. Tunes that stand out include the oft-covered Arthur Lee song “7 and 7 is…,” the metal-punk instrumental “Omnipressor” and the tuned-down panic attack that is “CRT.” As the bio indicates, this is a band who possess much greater musical abilities beyond what is shown on the CD, so what we have here is basically some older punks “slumming it” for fun. The only problem is that, for a side project, they play it far too straight. They just don’t seem to have any point of view or angle of any type to speak of, and let’s face it, that’s what the genre is all about. They also don’t seem to be having any fun. Maybe they just formed the band to get to open for bands like Nashville Pussy and Zeke, and get in for free. (Thick)