Bison "Calm, Friendly and Euthymic"

Bison 'Calm, Friendly and Euthymic'
Five months on from delivering the punishing "1,000 Needles", Vancouver metal juggernauts Bison have now unveiled the just as earth-shaking flipside to their impending 12-inch single. While an exact physical release date has yet to be delivered, you can check out "Calm, Friendly and Euthymic" online now.

Despite some spacey and atmospheric phaser filter swooshes, a deeply distorted groove blasts through on the speakers on the intro. A jud-judding passage soon follows, as does a jumbled-up telephone conversation discussing situations involving "16 mad scientists and a holy necromancer" dealing in some "deadly, nuts voodoo, Satan crap." The Bison guys eventually step to the mike on the sludge-caked crusher, letting loose some howls of their own before annihilating fretboards with fiery, twinned solos.

You can stream the metal insanity down below, or over on Bandcamp. The 12-inch for "1,000 Needles"/"Calm, Friendly and Euthymic" lands sometime this June through War on Music.