Bishop Allen "Why I Had to Go" (video)

Bishop Allen 'Why I Had to Go' (video)
New York indie act Bishop Allen are set to return with Lights Out, their first album in half a decade. Today, we get another taste of the record with a video for "Why I Had to Go."

The fun, playful indie pop song is treated to an equally fun video as a diverse group of people take turns hula hooping for the camera.

Speaking with Billboard, who also premiered the video, frontman Jonathan Rice said, ""The song is called 'Why I Had To Go,' and it's sort of about the endless repetition of actions, which hula-hooping seemed to literally embody.... But part of the idea was that, if you give someone a task that's pretty all-consuming like hula-hooping, then they become unselfconscious. Because they're concentrating on doing something, you can get really natural expressions and movements."

Watch the video for "Why I Had to Go" below. Lights Out arrives on August 19 through Dead Oceans.