The Birthday Party's 'Live 81-82' Gets Vinyl Reissue via 4AD

The Birthday Party's 'Live 81-82' Gets Vinyl Reissue via 4AD
Fourteen years after its initial CD release, and over 30 years after being recorded, 4AD is ready to give the Birthday Party's dark and decrepit concert set Live 81-82 its first-ever vinyl pressing.

A press sheet for the double LP, which arrives July 30, notes that while various live records had popped up over the years (i.e., two volumes of Peel Sessions, bootlegs and more), Live 81-82 was the first official concert set to capture the Nick Cave-equipped post-punk band's "particular bacchanalia."

Preserved on the album are decadent recordings from shows in London, Bremen and Athens, with classic cuts including "Zoo Music Girl," "Nick the Stripper" and "Big Jesus Trash Can." You can sample the record's "Junkyard," as performed at the Venue in London back in 1981, down below the tracklist.

Live 81-82:

Side A:

1. Junkyard
2. A Dead Song
3. The Dim Locator
4. Zoo - Music - Girl
5. Nick The Stripper

Side B:

1. Blast Off!
2. Release The Bats
3. Bully Bones
4. King Ink
5. (Sometimes) Pleasure Heads Must Burn

Side C:

1. Big - Jesus - Trash - Can
2. Dead Joe
3. The Friend Catcher
4. 6" Gold Blade
5. Hamlet (Pow, Pow, Pow)

Side D:

1. She's Hit
2. Funhouse