Bird Show Bird Show

Birds got to fly. But sometimes they got to sing too. Ben Vida’s talent for intertwining rhythms and bright flights of tone made the previous two Bird Show releases kaleidoscopic, blooming thickets of sound. His affinity for exotic instruments remains but Vida has also brought his voice and the voices of his guests into the undergrowth this time out. Having joined forces with him for a project called Singer, brother Adam Vida and Lichens’ Robert A.A. Lowe have brought their mad choir from that off-centre experiment into this more celebratory and ceremonial one. Many of the pieces, often named for the instruments played, tend towards uncharacteristic minimalism, but the voices exhale a buzz that energizes the open air. Long-time collaborator Greg Davis and fellow Chicagoan Michael Zerang (percussion) are on hand to keep the pulse alive as well. If the previous two albums were walks through the rainforest, this is where we finally find natives dancing in a clearing. (Kranky)