Birch Book Birch Book

Birch Book is a side project of sorts for B’eirth whose other band, In Gowan Ring, have been praised for their medieval psych-folk stylings. Birch Book is more of the same, though pared down somewhat and easy on the psychedelic end. The instrumentation balances guitar and a selection of harps, which include the Jew’s harp, folk harp and harmonica. B’eirth, or Bee as he’s also called, has been compared to Nick Drake and Donovan and it’s easy to see why: his voice is gentle but elusive, and though quite ordinary, it’s rather entrancing. B’eirth’s work is certainly on par with those artists to whom he’s been compared, though it’s not likely he’d ever been recognised as an equal among them. It’s nice, however, to have him continue and enrich the tradition so many others have adopted and cheapened. Birch Book is a fine record full of contemplative gems. Memorable melodies and a signature style reveal B’eirth’s pop sensibility, which, though obscured by the sleepy pace and sombre feel of this record, has made for truly beautiful songs. Two instrumental tracks, each entitled "Birch Bark” serve as book ends and aptly set the tone and bring to a close this precious collection of sounds. Though far too quiet and unobtrusive to crack the larger market, this album is good Sunday afternoon or evening drive music (Catskills)