Billy Bragg Gets Clash Members to Reunite for Jail Inmates

Billy Bragg Gets Clash Members to Reunite for Jail Inmates
It was only a matter of time before the whole reunion trip wounds its way around to involve something from punk rock stalwarts the Clash. Don't worry, it's not some sort of lame cash grab. It's actually for a pretty noble reason.

It appears that they've come about as close as any band can get to a reunion without their most prominent member. As we all know, original vocalist/guitarist Joe Strummer passed away in 2002 so a full-on reunion is impossible on this astral plane.

Still, it's a big deal that guitarist Mick Jones and drummer Nick "Topper" Headon have just finished their first collaborative effort in almost three decades. Thanks to singer-songwriter Billy Bragg, the pair have re-recorded a version of the Clash's "Jail Guitar Doors" for Bragg's charity of the same name.

Jail Guitar Doors was created by Bragg in 2007 as a means of providing instruments for convicts to aid their rehabilitation. This fresh version also boasts Bragg and four "graduates" of the program as contributors.

Apparently, the entire endeavour has been captured on film and will be included in the documentary Breaking Rocks about Jail Guitar Doors.

"The guys were telling us how much this scheme had helped them move on from their previous lives before prison," Jones said in a statement. "It was really touching to think we've helped, even if it's in a small way." Headon added: "When I was in prison myself, many years ago, I was lucky enough to have access to a guitar, which belonged to the prison vicar! I know how much it helped me get through it. We want people to be able to move on from their situation and reconnect with the outside world, and my hunch was that playing an instrument - particularly a guitar - could help that."

No word was given on the reason for bassist Paul Simonon's lack of inclusion.