Bill Ward Releases New Solo Album

Bill Ward Releases New Solo Album
Former Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward is back in the news this month thanks to some bitter public letters shared between him and former bandmate Ozzy Osbourne. Since he evidently won't be getting back together with Black Sabbath anytime soon, now is the perfect time for him to release a new solo album.

Ward's new record is titled Accountable Beasts and it's out through Aston Cross Music. It's release date on iTunes is listed as April 21, but Ward wrote on his website yesterday (April 26) that "the digital download came out quietly last night."

This is Ward's third solo album and his first since 1997's When the Bough Breaks. It makes good on Ward's promises that an LP was on the way, since his recent statement directed at Ozzy referred to "the imminent release of a new Bill Ward Band album."

The album contains nine songs. See the tracklist below and, if you're so inclined, purchase it over at iTunes.

This month, Ward and Ozzy have posted messages about the drummer's departure from Black Sabbath in 2012. The drummer demanded an apology from the singer, who responded by saying that Ward wasn't healthy enough to play and that his contract complaints were simply a "smokescreen" to disguise the real problem. In other words, we shouldn't expect Ward to be involved in Sabbath's planned final album and tour.

Accountable Beasts:

1. Leaf Killers
2. Accountable Beasts
3. Katastrophic World
4. D.O.T.H.
5. First Day Back
6. As It Is in Heaven
7. Ashes
8. Straws
9. The Wall of Death