Bill Pritchard A Trip to the Coast

Bill Pritchard A Trip to the Coast
Fans in France, Belgium and Germany will be happy to know that Bill Pritchard has a new album set for release. Oddly, the British-born singer/songwriter is an unknown in his own country, but has a decent following in Europe.

It's especially odd because Pritchard's been around since the '80s, and his sound belongs to the still-kind-of-Angry-Young-Man jangle-pop popularized by the likes of Stephen "Tin Tin" Duffy and his post-Duran Duran Lilac Time side-project. In fact, both Pritchard and the Lilac Time released solo debuts in 1987.

But then again this particular brand of pop — conversational, my tea is cold, close the fridge door, love-hate relationship stuff — never really extended beyond campus radio. And British artists from this cohort either disbanded or are best known for their late '80s/early '90s heydays. So perhaps Pritchard is to be commended for sticking around and sticking to what he knows.

A Trip to the Coast is the welcome return of a familiar form of hooky, melodic minor scale pop balladry. Standout throwback tracks include "Yeah Yeah Girls" and "Almerend Road." "Tout Seul," a French-is-my-second-language tune, shows that Pritchard has embraced his Euro fan base, though his everyday lyrics and wistful haze are enough to make anyone nostalgic again. (Tapete)