Bill Laswell/Various Subharmonic in Dub

Contributing to interesting music for over 25 years will leave you with a bottomless pit of a back catalogue; lucky for Bill Laswell that he has been consistent for the majority of his career. Subharmonic in Dub is a collection of tracks released through Laswell’s own Subharmonic label and represents his growing interest and experiments into funk, rock, and jazz, ambient and world beat over the years. Tracks tiptoe from eerie industrial cuts from side-group Praxis to ambient-metallic dub tunes from Divination. Although most of the tracks start off interesting enough, many fall into a droning ambience that makes you forget you’re evening listening to your stereo. Long tracks on two full CDs equals a lot of material to dive into in which only the most die-hard Laswell fans will re-surface. (Collision — Cause of Chapter 3)