Bill Laswell Version 2 Version: A Dub Transmission

Groundbreaking artist and producer Bill Laswell has worked with everyone who ever mattered in music and even discovered Whitney Houston. That’s enough to call it quits, but as usual, Laswell continues to explore his personal tastes and interests as a musician while pushing the boundaries of whatever genre he chooses to play with. On Version 2 Version, earthy textures roll along the thick layers of deep space synths and the thundering echo of drums, helping to experiment and bridge gaps between ambient techno, spaced-out dub and outerworld funk, while still injecting a taste of aggressive prog to the whole balance. By recruiting a set of musicians as eclectic as the sounds that they’ve created on this album such as Jah Wobble (Public Image Ltd., Eno), Bernie Worrel (Parliament/Funkadelic, Talking Heads) and Six Degrees solo artist Karsh Kale (Talvin Singh, Tabla Beat Science), Version 2 Version becomes a richly crafted, thick excursion into Laswell’s most recent interpretation of dub. Bill Laswell is obviously not worried about disappointing and I get the feeling he’s not too worried about impressing either as he continues to experiment and enrich the music scene on a global scale. (ROIR)