Bigg Jus Big Justoleum Lune TNS

This album is mostly out there hip-hop with the occasional accessible track thrown in. The "out there" tracks sound somewhat like cLouddead, but without the psychedelic influences. Stuttering beats make up the major part of tracks like "Tongue Sandwich" and "Gaffling Whips," but none of these tracks are aimed at any dance floor - the beats are either too sparse or never get a groove going. This is not to say the beats are bad, as they do have an experimental funkiness to them. The rapping is confident and often extremely quick, ranging from general social commentary to urban life and mildly psychotic ravings on tracks like "I Triceratops." Of the "standard" tracks, "The Story Entangles" features the soulful, jazzy vocals of Angel Donyel, and is easily the most melodic track on the disc. "Heavenly Rivers" is more of a down-tempo experience, with fat beats and a melody from jazz vibes. None of the tracks stands out as a hit single, but the album holds together quite well, and due to its complexity, it should bear repeated listens. (Sub Verse)