Big Steele Size Does Matter

Big Steele hails from Long Beach, California and sounds like everything else that seems to come out of that area. For most fans of underground hip-hop, that's not what they want to hear. Even fans of mainstream might have a hard time swallowing this one, but if negativity, street rhymes and synthesised beats are your cup of tea then maybe this album's for you. Everything from disrespecting women to rhymes about the hardships of growing up in the hood is all here. And it's all been done a thousand times over. If you're going to be unoriginal, at least make it funky, at least put a new spin on it or at least make us want to hear it more than once. Albums like this are the hardest to critique because there's absolutely nothing working here at all. Someone should tell Big Steele that size doesn't matter but talent and skills sure as hell do. (Bungalo)