Big Daddy G Blues Sound - Live At The Harvest Fest

Two days after the world's greatest terrorist attack, Fredericton was doing its best to bury itself in the blues with its 11th Annual Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival. Two days later, Big Daddy G recorded this live-to-CD snapshot of their searing live show. The eerie effects of those unsettling times translated into an unprecedented outpouring of gut-wrenching soul from the Harvest stage, riveting the crowd when they most needed to get lost in the blues. Big Daddy G succeeded in its mission with two jet-fuelled, blistering sets of top-notch bluesmanship, and the chemistry between the band and the crowd can be clearly heard on Blue Sound. The satisfying combination of Dave Glover's smooth, yet stinging, guitar lines, Tortoise Blue's soulful vocals and burning blues harp married to their seasoned rhythm section, and the added brilliance of guest keyboardist Richard Bell helped push the performance over the top and beyond. Stand-out tracks include Dave Glover's scorching leads on "Tramp" and Sonny Boy Williamson's "Help Me," while the harp duel between Tortoise and guest Southside Steve Marriner on James Cotton's "Rockett 88" remains a moment to remember. If you listen, you can hear what the crowd could feel as Big Daddy G worked serious musical magic on this eerie, yet mystical, September Saturday night. (Independent)