Biffy Clyro Puzzle

This year’s most talked about band on the Warped Tour, Biffy Clyro, had main stage acts sending them love the whole summer, creating quite the buzz around their theatrical, balls-out rock. With the same kind of unpredictability as the Sparks and generally brilliant weirdness as the Matches, the UK’s newest export give us something to bite into. The punk-driven "Living Is A Problem Because Everything Dies” would lead one to believe Biffy Clyro know the key to spike a sick circle pit, yet next track "Saturday Superhouse” explodes with melodic pop rock that alternative rock radio stations wouldn’t have a problem throwing into overplay. This being their fourth full-length, produced by Garth Richardson (Rage Against the Machine) and mixed by Andy Wallace (At the Drive-In, Nirvana), the band are well developed and represented. Puzzle is a rock monster. Diverse and comfortable with its parameters, confident in its curiousness and as solid as a shark on steroids, Puzzle is the sound of a band aware of their competitors and ready to destroy rock as we know it. Watch out! (14th Floor)