Monsoon Season

BY Vish KhannaPublished Mar 7, 2014

Toronto's Biblical are masters of space and time, a hard rock band with psych undertones who write catchy, enigmatic songs that call back to familiar modes yet unfold rather surprisingly. There's nuance to their heaviness; opener "Second Sight" is a full charge but, as it goes, it reveals nimble agility and wise pacing. The "stoner rock" tag gets bandied in conversation about Biblical, and on "Traitors," it's validated: the top of the song's half-time swing gives way to a Kyuss-esque evocation of open sky/vast land longing and rock god philosophizing.

But there's also a sense of playfulness running through the record. "All Justice No Peace" veers into Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet territory, as reverb-soaked guitar combines with metronome-like rhythmic precision. Monsoon Season is all about this tension between expansive hard jams and the more affable joy of rockabilly music, a space where the players clearly love playing and the passion for their process shines through.
(New Damage)

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